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Troubleshooting & FAQ

Upon initial installation of the remote kit:

"B" button does not stop the generator?

You may have the black connections from the module hooked to the black connections with WHITE wires on the front panel. They need to be hooked to the black connections with BLACK wires more towards the back of that opening to the right of where you Velcroed the module in.


"C" Button does not activate the choke?


If you purchased the kit after May 2021 you have the new version 2.0 which uses a 1 button activation. Simply press and release the "A" button for approx. 1 second and it should activate the choke and the starter and fire right up.


Stopping range is a lot shorter than the starting range?


If purchased before Sept. 2021 this is likely to be the case. Because of the electrical interference from the generator when it is running, stopping the generator with the remote can be limited. We have done tons of experimentation and have finally cracked the code. In the new version 2.0 kits going out after Sept. 2021, the new antenna and configuration will give you an impressive range of up to 240ft starting AND stopping. If you have one of the new modules after May 2021 that came with an extra long wire antenna wrapped up you can upgrade the antenna to the new style one to give you that range. Please contact us to find out how. If you purchased the kit prior to May 2021 the kit is not able to use the new upgraded antenna without soldering. If you would like to discuss it please contact us for more info.


The remotes are not working?

You may need to re-learn the remotes:

Version 1.0 (Purchased prior to May 2021 with Blue LED and pop off cover)

To clear the codes:

  • Pop off the cover on the white module. 
  • Right by the blue LED light there of a small circle button. 
  • Press and hold  that for 8-10 seconds. The light will go out immediately. Hold it until the light comes back on.  
  • The codes will be cleared. 

To relearn the remotes:

  • Pop off the cover on the white module. 
  • Press and hold the small circle button next to the blue LED until the LED light goes off. 
  • Press any button on the remote and the LED will blink back on. 
  • The remote is learned. Repeat with the second.

Version 2.0 (Purchased after May 2021 with 4 screws on module and Red LED inside)

  • Locate two long buttons in the upper left corner of the module (Assuming where the wires exit is UP).
  • Press the top button until LED above that button comes on solid.
  • Press "A" on one of the remotes.
  • The LED should start blinking rapidly. (If it blinks slowly you actually un-learned the button and will need to repeat that process to re-learn it).
  • Repeat this for the second remote and move to the bottom button which learns the "B" button on both remotes. 

If re-learning the remotes does not fix the issue and there is power to the module (LED light is on), please contact us for further troubleshooting.


The choke actuator engages but doesn't move the choke?

The spring from the stock choke should be replaced in a specific way. It should be pushed to the left as it comes out of the hole where you put the actuator cable. Then it will snake back to the right. For some reason if it comes out to the right immediately it locks up the choke and the actuator can't pull it. See picture below for good spring position.