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About Us

We fell in love with our Predator 3500 watt Inverter Generator from Harbor Freight. It was such a good value in terms of cost and quality. It is just as quiet as the top name brands with more power.

We exist because, like you, we found there are so many cool and useful upgrades you can do to these generators to personalize and elevate your experience. From remote starts, to wheel kits, and exhaust modifications you can fine tune these amazing machines to suit your needs. We want to help you generate awesome memories!

There is so much information out there pertaining to these generators it can be overwhelming and difficult to find what you are looking for. One problem I found was that there was a lot of conflicting information and it was difficult to quickly find answers to your specific problem you felt confident in. Not to mention finding the actual parts, in stock, at a decent price took a lot of work as well. There was just no good consolidated resource for complete kits, parts, and information. So we created it for you.

All of the complete kits we produce and parts we sell are designed to bring you value, simplicity, and usefulness. For example our Remote Start and Stop Complete Plug and Play Kit requires no splicing, soldering, or cutting any wires. It is a truly plug and play system that you will be able to install within 10 minutes whether you are following the written instructions or the install video. It is also fully reversible for any warranty work you may need done.

We understand part of the reason for choosing either the Predator 3500 or the Powerhorse 3500 was because it was less expensive than the name brand competitors. With that in mind we will do everything we can to bring you the upgrade kits you are looking for at the lowest cost possible. If we can't offer specific parts at a lower cost through bulk purchases at any time, we will include a link to Amazon, or other suppliers, so you can compare it in one click and buy the one you want. Maybe at some point we can become an affiliate with Amazon in which case you can rest assured a portion of even those sales will still go to Veteran's Charities. 

I love to build and tinker in the garage. Each kit is put together by hand and tested before it is shipped. Your positive experience and feedback is what keeps us producing for you. Please let us know how your experience was from start to finish. We are always looking to improve. If you have ideas on things you would like to see us produce, test, or dive deep on please let us know. We are here to help you generate better and to give back to our brothers and sisters who served.