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5X Your Remote Start and Stop Range! (Quick and Easy Update)

At Generator Upgrade Supply we pride ourselves on customer feedback, constant improvement, and innovation. When we improve something we want to share it so everyone can benefit (just like your phone has subsequent updates).


We noticed the range of the remote was not as long as we wanted it to be, especially when stopping the generator. We had a customer ask about it so we went back to the drawing board and began experimenting. (We love your feedback!) In the end "Occam's razor" won and the simplest solution was the right one. The nature of generators is to produce electricity (Duh, Kenny!) and it was the electricity that was interfering with the remote signal cutting down the range.


By simply extending the built in antenna we were able to get 5X the range immediately. Here's how:


If you have already installed the Plug & Play Remote Start & Stop Kit please watch the update video (Coming soon) on how to easily get 5X the range from your remote. In our testing we were able to consistently start and stop from over 100 feet!


Here are the steps if you don't want to or can't watch the video. (For already installed units)

  1. Take off the front control panel of the generator
  2. Detach the module from Velcro
  3. Undo the two white connectors (Black and white wires from wire harness) until you no longer see a blue LED from the module (power is off)
  4. Stick a small screwdriver through the hole behind the wire harness against the back plate and pop the back plate off.
  5. Inside you will see a coiled up white antenna. Pull and untwist the antenna so it will come out of the module along with the wire harness.
  6. Replace the front plate by snapping it back together making sure the wire harness and antenna are through the hole and not caught or pinched.
  7. Unwind the antenna by untwisting it and pulling off to the left of the module.
  8. Replace the module to the Velcro and position the antenna to the left where there is open space.
  9. Replace the front panel and you are done!


Pics of Antenna coiled up and new placement to the left of module:


I hope this helps you get more range from the remote kit. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions on this or any topic. We are constantly improving and innovating, and it is your voice that helps us most!



P.S. Don't forget to run the generator at least once a month to keep the battery charged. Contact us if you would like to add a cutoff toggle switch for the remote system. We have a few options for you. 


I love helping people, and I am here to help you Generate Better!

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